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Post  DELETE ME on Thu Jan 17 2013, 11:29

Free belts to active members

Level 55 Belt Quest
1. Be a member of Rydym for at least 3 months
2. attend 10x Demonic World
3. attend 10x Wang Xiao Hu
4. attend 10x Chaos Argent

Level 65 Belt Quest
1. Be a member of Rydym for at least 3 months
2. own a level 55 belt
3. attend another 10x Demonic World
4. attend another 10x Wang Xiao Hu
5. attend another 10x Chaos Argent

Once you have complete a quest contact Niico for verification.
If there are no belts available for your class at the time you become eligible then you will be added to the waiting list

note: you must return your level 55 belt to receive your level 65 belt

When you have received your belt, please remove your thread

After each event, one person from each make a list in the relevant Attendance topic
Individually, make one New Topic each, with your name as the Subject, and list the dates and times of your attendances, as per the example

Waiting List:
DevilJin2 (crus 65)
Rodeckert (crus 65)

094 (voy 55)
n7676 (SS 55)
Scart0 (Champ 55)
DapurBasah (crus 55)
+HHiroshi (crus 55)
Rodeckert (crus 55)
SrNatKel (champ 55)
XForsakenX (crus 55)
xxLoveMeexx (crus 55)
+EEalg (crus 55)
DevilJin2 (crus 55)
EvilBrollyEXx (crus 55)
holysmoke ( champ 55)
Abmmon (crus 55)

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