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Post  Bond008 on Sat Jul 14 2012, 02:51

well no1 goes pvp any more but i remember some1 asking so i'll share it here.
go to
top2->scripts->lua->forms-> player.clu open using word/notepad and search "hotkey_z" and u will come across this

-- ´´½¨Íæ¼Ò¼ä½»Ò×±íµ¥
frmTeamPK = UI_CreateForm( "frmTeamPK", FALSE, 376, 431, 159, 468, TRUE, FALSE )
--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamPK, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )
UI_ShowForm( frmTeamPK, TRUE )
UI_SetIsDrag( frmTeamPK, TRUE )
UI_AddFormToTemplete( frmTeamPK, FORM_MAIN )
UI_SetFormStyle( frmTeamPK, 1 )---×óÓÒ¾ÓÖÐ
UI_FormSetIsEscClose( frmTeamPK, TRUE )

Then DELETE the "--" in front of --UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamPK, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z ) so it looks like UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamPK, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )
then save it and ur done.
use alt + z to force people and have fun !


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